Non-State Actor to Review the Amendment Draft of Local Government Law (UU 32/2004)

01 october 2012

Name of project  :   Non-State Actor Engagement to Advocate the Revision of Law No. 32/2004 on Local Governance
Client   : UNDP - Provincial Governance Strengthening Programme (PGSP)
Year  : Oct 2012 – Jul 2013
Description  : The activity objective aimed to engaged wider audiences involving CSOs, NGOs, Universities, private sectors, and local people in the deliberation of Revised Law No. 32/2004 on Local Government; and Established media advocacy (TV and Radio talk show) to disseminate information and discussions on particular issues on revised Law No. 32/2004. A working group on local government autonomy was formed by 6 organisations (YIPD, KPPOD, PSHK, YAPPIKA, FITRA, and URDI) to review the amendment  draft of Local Government Law (UU 32/2004). The activity focused on several issues relevant with each organisation focus areas such as: Local authority, Establishment of Local Government, Local Legislation, Law Enforcement for Officials of Local Government, Public Services, Development Planning, Local Finance, Local Government Innovation. Series of activities such as regional workshop in Bangka Belitung and Gorontalo and national workshop in Jakarta and media advocacy were employed to increase public awareness and support the deliberation of amendment local government law.

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