25 february 2016

Name of    Project    :  

1. Public-Private Partnership (PPP) on Maize Drying and Storage in NTT (Swisscontact Promark Project and YIPD)
2. Support the Testing and Promotion of Technology on Good Drying Practices (GRM International Pty Ltd and YIPD)

Project Client  :  AIP-PRISMA
Duration  :  2014-2017
Description  :  The Australia-Indonesia Partnership for Promoting Rural Income through Support for
Markets in Agriculture (AIP-PRISMA) is a multi-year program that is a part of the
Government of Indonesia’s mid-term development strategy to accelerate poverty reduction
through inclusive economic growth. The project adopts Making Market Work Better For
the Poor (Membuat Pasar Lebih Baik bagi Kaum Miskin - M4P) approach. YIPD is
one of PRISMA co-facilitators who works on maize sector in East Nusa Tenggara

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